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    Do you want to post your items on the UXM and have the UXM process customer payments and or provide delivery options?Do you have your own website and want the UXM to direct customers to your website where they will complete their shopping and make payment?Do you want to sell on the UXM, have the UXM collect payment, then have your customer collect the item or service at a physical location?Do you want to collect leads or distribute coupons on the UXM or send customers to your offline business?Do you want to collect leads on your own website?Do you want to generate sales for retail location(s)?Are you a B2B seller such as a manufacturer or factory that requires buyers to submit an RFP?Do you want to bulk upload your products/services to the UXM?Do you want to promote your brands/products/services with global or local UXM sponsorship opportunities?Do you have other requirements? If so, please include them in the message area below.

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