UXM Rewards


Network Commission Payouts are paid monthly to UXM members for business generated by those they have invited to join the UXM and their networks. This commission is established and set by individual sellers for each of their goods or services sold on the UXM. Sales commissions vary greatly between industries and sellers. The total network commission is divided between the UXM and the UXM members. The split is dependent on the transaction type and is estimated to be about 50% network commissions and 50% UXM revenue on average.

UXM Quarterly Token Payouts are paid to UXM token holders based on the actual UXM revenue as mentioned above. As the UXM revenue increases the payout per UXM token increases. UXM Quarterly payouts will be paid each quarter wherein the UXM revenue for the period is equal to or greater than US$5 million. Any revenue earned by a token holder in a quarter that had no payout will be carried forward to be paid in the next quarter achieving the payout goal.

UXM Quarterly Sales Bonus Payouts are paid to UXM members based on the Network Commissions Payout the member received for the period.