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click the Submit Information button.

If payment selection is not ETH we will contact you to arrange payment. Please note that token bonuses apply when payment is made within bonus period.


Here’s How To Submit Payment for UXM Tokens in ETH

1 ETH = 2000 UXM Tokens


  1. Open your ETH wallet and click the SEND button
  2. On the Send page set the Recipient Address to: 0x69dfa7e6e282da072b4dd3ca9465d7da14f7f0df
    In the Amount space input the amount in ETH you are sending to buy tokens
  3. In the Transactions Data space enter: 0xa6f2ae3a
  4. IMPORTANT: Both items above are required to complete the transaction. Your UXM Tokens will appear in your wallet immediately after your transaction is completed. See examples of how to buy with MetaMask and imToken wallets below. Set your gas limit to 200,000 and your gas price to 40 Gwei.
  5. Click NEXT
  6. Set your Gas Price setting to 40 Gwei
  7. Click SUBMIT on your wallet to submit your payment
  8. Wait for the confirmation that your transaction is complete
  9. AFTER the above is completed your UXM Token will appear in your wallet
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