What Are the Benefits of Being a
UXM Token Holder?

The UXM will distribute over 37% of revenues to UXM Token Holders. For details see the “UXM Token Holder Rewards” section of the UXM white paper.

The quantity of UXM tokens is limited. No additional tokens will ever be minted. This means the value of tokens cannot be diluted. The UXM business can grow without limit.

Every transaction in the world can flow through the UXM. This means the UXM addresses the biggest market in the world. There is virtually no limit on the growth potential of the UXM.

UXM token demand will be driven by usage of the UXM platform and the perceived current and future value of the UXM token.

The UXM is a long term vision. We are not expecting an overnight success. Our planning is 100% long view oriented. Our team is very experienced with the business models and the markets involved. We know what it will take to achieve our goals. The UXM is an ambitious undertaking. We are willing to take the long road and meet every challenge to bring the UXM vision to the world.

About UXM Tokens and How to Purchase


UXM can be traded on the DeltaRelay exchange which is currently being upgraded. More exchanges are planned to be added in the future.




Currently, UXM are only available through certain programs. UXM are ERC20 tokens code-verified on Ethereum blockchain. For further information, please submit your questions to [email protected]

The UXM token address is:

Token symbol: UXM

Decimals: 18

Protocol: ERC-20

The token address is NOT the address to submit funds to buy UXM tokens. To purchase UXM tokens click here


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